Places to Eat At and Near Northshore Plaza

The upcoming Northshore Plaza itself has many dining options for you and your family. There will be food courts of various cuisines and restaurants with Halal options for Muslims diners. There will certainly be fast food options and popular cafe franchises in case you need a quick fix meal or a caffeine boost respectively. If you do not want to dine in, the food courts, supermarkets and other eateries for you to takeaway your food from.

However, presently, there are many options available around Punggol area! Punggol is amazing place to walk around and dine in due to its scenic locations and contemporary dining areas. Everything is connected via the LRT so you just need to travel a short distance to reach your destination.

Travel out to Punggol East Container Park located around Tebing Lane. There are seven container eateries and bars and a common eating area outside these areas. Diners can simply order from the self-serving kiosks and collect the food when they are done. Enjoy a day out away from the busy city landscapes and have a meal outdoors with your family and friends.

If you want something a bit comfortable away from the hot sun, you can travel to Waterway Point, located just right next to Punggol MRT/LRT. You will be sheltered by the weather so that you can enjoy your meal in comfort. As with most shopping malls in Singapore, there are a lot of restaurants, food courts and cafes serving international cuisines like Japanese, Korean and Western food.

If you are a NSF or have a family member who is an NSF, you can enjoy good deals from Punggol SAFRA. SAFRA itself has a couple of fast food and restaurant options too so that once you are done with exercising at the gym you can have a meal at the eateries there. There are mainly restaurants serving Asian cuisine and some cafes and fast food. The number of restaurants at SAFRA is not as extensive as a typical shopping mall but it is a still a good place to dine after using the facilities there.