Nature Trails Around Northshore Plaza

Take some time off and travel around out from Northshore Plaza. You do not need to travel out all the way out to town to have a good time; there is a lot to see around Punggol. Here are some places you can check out:

Coney Island
Coney Island is a nature reserve and park located around the North-eastern part of Singapore and the Eastern part of Punggol. The island is connected by a nature walk bridge at Punggol Point. Take a brief respite from city life and take a walk amongst nature and wildlife. You can cycle around this 50 ha island or snap from photos at some scenic spots. There are also free guided tours which shows the people the various points of interest and history of the island. The tours run all year around on Saturdays. Just check the the NParks for more details. And make to dress comfortably and wear proper shoes if you are exploring the island as the terrain is rough.

Punggol Point Park
Take a trip down to Punggol Park and and enjoy the scenic views of the sea and Singapore during the olden times. It is a blast from the past as this area used to have rows of seafood restaurants. As you walk long further down the road, you will reach Punggol Jetty, a place where you can watch small boats dock. It is a relaxing seaside trail you can walk or cycle where there are plenty of rest stops and a park connector to Punggol Park in Hougang.

Punggol Lalang Field
This place is recommended to those who want to take professional styled photographs for social media and other platforms. Lalang is a type of long grass where the name in English is called cotton wool grass. It is popular amongst social media influencers and wedding photographers as the field in the background gives off a nostalgic ambience to pictures. The best time to go and snap your pictures is nearing sunrise/sunset.